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Friday, December 01, 2006

The Warmth of a Cold Nose

“Don’t you just love Christmas?” Her exuberance and cheerfulness grated on him as though someone were trying to add a little zest of Rick to their eggnog. “I mean, look at the lights. They add fantasy to the physical world. Come out of that realm inside your head and experience this imaginary scene with me.”

Rick grunted and lifted his chin from his chest. “Why, so that I can be a part of this ridiculous excuse to waste energy? I hate having to buy lights and trees, because they are so very temporary at that point, and both are drains on the environment.”

“Don’t look at it that way. For me, just try to let go of those practical views for just a little while. Think about how nice it will feel when you go back inside where it’s warm. I’ll fix you a glass of bourbon and bring you a book while you get settled into your chair. When I’m done with dinner, I’ll get you a big glass of eggnog for dessert.”

He acted as though he hadn’t heard what she said and just continued his mini tirade. “All this is a commercial push for everyone to consume more and more. I mean I understand that in order for the economy to grow we have to consume, but is there not a limit to how much things can grow? I hate that I’m told how to feel this time of year. There is a physical shock to my body every time someone blows one of those damn noisemakers at New Years. Even after the holidays, I still have to deal with my skin drying out and cracking. My nose bleeds all the time. Remind me again, why is that I’m supposed to like this time of year.”

She smiled, and rubbed her cold, red nose on his neck as she kissed his cheek. In a whisper, “Because when it’s cold outside, I like to get under the covers and make our own heat.”

Finally a smile crept across his face. He looked up and said, “You know, these lights do take you to a different place.”

This post is in response to being tagged by DBA Lehane to continue from a meme about ‘Five Things I Love & Hate About Winter’ over at Jefferson Davis’ blog.. Since there is really only one person left that I know who hasn't been tagged, the OregonMan is up next.